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Our Heating Services

Boiler Installation and Maintenance

Professional installation and routine maintenance are required for a boiler to operate efficiently. Trust heating specialists to install the proper boiler for your house and keep it running at top efficiency. Expert maintenance inspections extend the life of the boiler and minimise energy use. Put these services first in order to keep your house warm and comfy.

Heating Repairs

Heating failures are never desirable, especially in the dead of winter. Our expert heating engineers are here to provide quick and dependable heating repairs. We have the skills to diagnose and repair any problem, whether it's a broken boiler, a temperamental thermostat, or a blocked radiator, returning warmth and comfort to your house as soon as possible.

Heating Servicing 

Regular servicing includes cleaning, testing, and optimizing various components of your system. It's like a spa day for your boiler and heating system! Our experienced technicians take pride in their work. They meticulously inspect your system, identifying and addressing any potential issues. This proactive approach helps prevent breakdowns and ensures efficient operation throughout the year.

Our Tips and Advice for a Warm and Efficient Home

Regular Maintenance is Key

Schedule periodic maintenance with a trained heating professional to keep your heating system functioning properly. Regular check-ups may detect and resolve minor flaws before they become big concerns, providing constant warmth and efficiency.

Invest in a Programmable Thermostat

By installing a programmable thermostat, you may set various temperatures for different times of the day. This not only maximises comfort but also saves energy by changing the heat according to your schedule.

Bleed Radiators Annually

Air can become stuck in your radiators, preventing them from adequately heating your house. To correct this, use a radiator key to drain out the trapped air and restore proper heat distribution.

Insulate Your Home

Proper insulation is required to keep heat in your house. Make sure your doors, windows, walls, and roof are properly insulated to prevent heat loss and energy expenditures.

Consider Energy-Efficient Upgrades

When it comes time to replace your heating system, look for models that are energy-efficient. High-efficiency boilers, heat pumps, and contemporary radiators may lower your energy use and running expenses dramatically.

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