Powerflushing Service in Ealing

Offering our expert central heating system power flushing service in Ealing the surrounding areas such as in areas such Northfields, Pitshanger Lane and Hanwell.

We offer our powerflushing services across Ealing. Have you noticed your central heating system hasn't been working as well as it usually does? If this is the case, why not book in for a powerflush with our team? It'll soon get your heating system working like brand new again! To get in touch, simply give us a call on 020 3565 1520 and we will be happy to help. You can also email us at info@boilerboyslondon.co.uk  or message us using our contact form.

What is powerflushing?

You might be forgiven for not knowing exactly what a central heating ystem powerflush is, but Boiler Boys London are here to provide you with an explanation of this service that we offer. 

Have you ever noticed that your central heating is taking a bit longer than usual to heat your home? Maybe your radiators are taking a long time to heat up and you have noticed some cold spots on your radiator? Well, if you've ever noticed this, it probably means that your system is in need of a powerflush. 

During a powerflush, our team inject water and cleaning chemicals into your system at a very high velocity. This gives it the power to dislodge any build-up that may have occurred inside your central heating system over time. Build-up is made from rust, dirt and debris and has the potential to block your pipes. Luckily, it just takes a quick powerflush to remove this build-up, allowing your system to work like brand new again.

Signs you need a powerflush

The biggest sign you need a powerflush is if your system isn't working as efficiently as it once did, however, there are other key signs to look out for too:

  • A magnet can attach to your copper pipes (a sign of rust build up inside)
  • The water in your system is sludgy and dirty
  • Your hot water takes a while to heat up
  • Your boiler switches itself off unexpectedly
  • Cold spots remain on your radiators after bleeding them

If you have noticed any of the above signs, why not get in touch today to book your powerflush?

Contact us if you think you require a powerflushing service

If you think that your central heating system could do with a powerflush in order to get it back up running at its most efficient level, get in touch by calling us on 020 3565 1520 and we will be happy to help. We offer boiler installation services throughout Ealing, including Hanwell, Northfields and Pitshanger Lane. You can also email us at info@boilerboyslondon.co.uk  or message us using our contact form

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