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Offering boiler service checks throughout West London, including Ealing, Hanwell, Northfields and Pitshanger Lane.

If you are due an annual boiler service, here at Boiler Boys London, we can help you. We offer boiler service and maintenance checks throughout Ealing and any of the surrounding areas. If you would like to know more about our services, simply get in touch by calling us on 07402 806032.

Boiler Servicing for your home in Ealing

An annual boiler service check ensures your boiler is healthy and running efficiently. Here at Boiler Boys London, we conduct a thorough check to ensure there are no gas or water leaks in your boiler. We will also make sure all components are working correctly and repair any parts that are causing any issues. If you would like to view our previous work, simply browse through our gallery page

What's included in our service?

As previously mentioned, we recommend that a boiler should be serviced at least once per year. So what's included? When undertaking a boiler service, we will check for any gas/water leakages throughout the entire route of the system. We'll then assess the pressure level of the gas and ensure that it is still being released at a safe level. 

Our heating engineers in Ealing, Hanwell, Northfields and Pitshanger Lane will look beyond the boiler casing to make sure that all components are operating as they should be and we'll provide all parts with a comprehensive clean as required. You can relax and trust that your boiler will be left in safe and capable hands when you use Boiler Boys London.

Benefits of Boiler Servicing 

Many benefits come along with getting your boiler serviced. A boiler service check will ensure that your boiler is running efficiently, meaning that you save money on your annual gas bill. It also ensures that your boiler has less chance of breaking down because any issues found, are fixed beforehand. This saves you lot on any unexpected repair costs. 

Lower energy bills

By minimising inefficiencies in the boiler and ensuring that fuel is put to better use, you can reduce the costs of your energy bills; significantly so in some instances! 

Avoid boiler breakdowns

Avoid the costs of expensive boiler repairs by identifying and mitigating problems early on and getting them fixed by a qualified Gas Safe registered engineer like one of our gas engineers.

Quieter boilers 

Boilers that are regularly serviced are generally much quieter than boilers that aren't. This means that you can peacefully get on with your day without being disturbed by a loud, rumbling boiler!

Legal Requirements

If you are a landlord, it's not only recommended that you carry out an annual boiler service, it's a legal requirement, so you should book in a boiler service with us to make sure that the heating system of your property is safe and secure.

Enhanced Safety

It is crucial to make sure your house or property is protected. Frequent boiler maintenance assists in locating possible safety risks like carbon monoxide emissions or gas leaks. While carbon monoxide is a silent but deadly threat, gas leaks can be hazardous and present significant health hazards. During a service, a qualified Gas Safe registered engineer will examine your boiler in detail and ensure that all safety precautions are taken, giving you and your family peace of mind.

Extended Boiler Lifespan

In addition to preventing malfunctions, routine maintenance extends the boiler's lifespan. Early detection and resolution of small faults keep them from growing into larger concerns that could endanger the system as a whole. Regular maintenance will help your boiler last longer and save you money by preventing the need for an expensive replacement.

Improved Energy Efficiency

Boilers may lose some of their efficiency with age, which would result in greater energy costs. Maintaining your boiler through routine servicing helps it run as efficiently as possible, saving you money on energy. In addition to being economical, this reduces your carbon footprint and advances environmental sustainability.

Enhanced Performance

A properly maintained boiler runs efficiently and heats your house evenly. Cleaning and adjusting different parts is part of routine maintenance that keeps your boiler operating at peak efficiency. Better heating efficiency, faster warm-up periods, and a cosier home are possible outcomes of this.

Cost-Effective Maintenance

In the long term, boiler servicing is a cost-effective investment, even though some people may view it as an extra expense. Minor flaws can be found and fixed during a routine service to keep them from becoming bigger, more costly concerns. The possible costs of emergency repairs or an early replacement of the boiler ultimately outweigh the cost of routine maintenance.

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Boiler Servicing FAQs

What is Boiler Servicing?

Boiler servicing is the process of inspecting, cleaning, and maintaining your boiler to ensure it operates at its best. It involves a thorough check of all boiler components, including the heat exchanger, burner, and controls, to prevent breakdowns and maintain efficiency.

Why is Boiler Servicing Important?

Regular boiler servicing is vital to ensure safety, efficiency, and longevity. It helps identify and address potential issues before they become major problems, reduces energy consumption, and extends the lifespan of your boiler.

How Often Should I Service My Boiler?

It is recommended to service your boiler annually. Regular yearly servicing helps identify and fix issues early, preventing costly breakdowns and ensuring your boiler is safe and efficient throughout the year.

Can I Service My Boiler Myself?

Boiler servicing should be carried out by a qualified and registered Gas Safe engineer. Attempting to service your boiler without the necessary expertise can be dangerous and may void your warranty.

What Happens During a Boiler Service?

During a boiler service, the engineer will inspect and clean various components, check for leaks, test safety controls, and ensure the boiler is operating efficiently. They may also provide recommendations for any necessary repairs or upgrades.

How Long Does a Boiler Service Take?

Typically, a boiler service takes about one to two hours, depending on the boiler type and its condition. Regular servicing is a relatively quick process that offers significant benefits.

What are the Common Signs That My Boiler Needs Servicing?

Look out for signs like strange noises, reduced heating efficiency, a yellow or flickering flame, or a noticeable increase in energy bills. These can indicate that your boiler requires servicing.

Can Boiler Servicing Save Money on Energy Bills?

Yes, regular boiler servicing can lead to cost savings on your energy bills. A well-maintained boiler operates more efficiently, using less fuel to produce heat.

Is Boiler Servicing Expensive?

The cost of boiler servicing can vary, but it is a worthwhile investment considering the benefits. Prices can vary depending on your location and the complexity of the service required, we highly recommend contacting the company and get a free quote.

Can a Boiler Service Detect Carbon Monoxide Leaks?

Yes, during a boiler service, the engineer will check for carbon monoxide leaks, ensuring your safety and that of your family.

Should I Consider a Boiler Replacement?

If your boiler is old, inefficient, and in constant need of repairs, it may be more cost-effective in the long run to invest in a new, energy-efficient boiler.

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