Things to consider before getting a new boiler installed

Are you considering a new boiler for your home in West London? Perhaps you know a few well-established boiler brands, but you need to know more about which boiler is best for your home. If so, Boiler Boys have got you covered in this blog post.

 Installing a new boiler is a big investment for you and your property and these points could help you to make a better decision for your home. On top of this, if you're interested in finding out exactly how we can help with our boiler installation services, give us a call via our phone number on 020 3565 1520.

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Importance of Getting a New Boiler Installed

It is crucial to get a new boiler for several reasons. First off, newer boilers use a lot less energy, which lowers heating expenses and leaves a smaller carbon imprint. Second, compared to older systems, a new boiler guarantees steady and dependable heating, doing away with the cold spots and frequent malfunctions that cause discomfort.

Furthermore, a new boiler reduces the possibility of mishaps and carbon monoxide leaks thanks to enhanced safety features and compliance with current regulations. Ultimately, replacing an old boiler contributes to a more environmentally friendly and sustainable home while also improving comfort and peace of mind.

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Advantages of a New Boiler

There are many advantages to upgrading to a new boiler that can improve the efficiency, comfort, and general well-being of your house. The following are the main advantages of buying a contemporary boiler:

  • Heating expenses are decreased by the high energy efficiency of modern boilers.
  • Your home will always have reliable and constant heat thanks to a new boiler.
  • They break down less frequently, which reduces repair costs.
  • Because they produce fewer carbon emissions, new boilers help to protect the environment.
  • Modern safety features lessen the possibility of mishaps and carbon monoxide leaks.
  • Even though they might cost more upfront, new boilers save money over time on maintenance and energy costs.
  • A dependable heating system can provide you with increased comfort and peace of mind.

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Signs You Need a New Boiler

Is your boiler showing signs of wear and tear? You should think about getting a replacement soon. Maintaining a cosy and secure home requires being aware of the warning indications that your boiler needs to be replaced. The following are some obvious signs that it might be time to buy a new boiler:


Your boiler may be less efficient if it is more than 15 years old, as it is nearing the end of its normal lifespan.

Increasing Energy Bills

Sudden spikes in heating expenses may indicate a reduction in boiler efficiency.

Regular Repairs

Replacing the boiler could be more economical if you find yourself needing repairs regularly.

Uneven Heating

Your home may have a failing boiler if there are cold spots or uneven heating.

Odd Noises

Odd noises such as clunking, whistling, or banging may indicate mechanical issues.

Yellow Flame

If there is a yellow pilot light rather than a blue one, there may be a carbon monoxide problem.

Visible Damage

On the boiler itself, visible corrosion, leaks, or cracks indicate serious wear and tear.

Decreased Hot Water

Your boiler may be malfunctioning if it is having trouble maintaining a steady supply of hot water.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What size of boiler do I need?

The correct boiler for your home will depend on two things; firstly, the type of boiler to decide to install in your home, and your demand for hot water. As different types of boilers operate differently and have a variety of hot water capabilities, it's important to understand these two factors primarily. 

In addition to this, installing a boiler that is too large is likely to cause you unnecessary expenses. Opting for a boiler that isn't big enough for your home could mean that it can't cope with your demand for hot water.

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Where is the best location for my boiler installation? 

It's usually the case that, currently boilers are installed in utility rooms or kitchens and wall-mounted in cupboards. It's understandable that this, however, just might not suit smaller kitchens and different homes. It's also worth mentioning that you should consider the different places that your boiler could go and where the boiler components will go. 

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Which boiler manufacturer do I choose?

Finally, when you're considering which brand of boiler manufacture you think is best for your home, it's useful to consider the pros and cons of each brand. Boilers are huge investments, so it's worth researching the most efficient boilers for your budget.

There's a range of reasons to go with different boiler manufacturers as some offer better warranties and guarantees, whereas others may offer better prices or emphasis on quality. Whatever the reason for your choice, it's best to acknowledge these points before making a purchase.

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